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Los Angeles based Guitarist & Composer, Alex Sill, discusses his debut album Experiences: Real and Imaginary (Available May 10), the players involved, including Oscar/Grammy Award winner Dave Grusin, stories behind some of the album's compositions, and the study of the psychological symbiosis between music and imagery that inspired the album itself.
A live performance of Alex's arrangement of "Hedwig's Theme," by the great John Williams. The main theme from the piece was originally composed for the Harry Potter film franchise, and remains an indellible part of the John Williams catalog. Featured in this video: Alex Sill (guitar), Jacob Scesney (tenor saxophone), Vardan Ovsepian (piano), Benjamin Shepherd (bass), Gene Coye (drums).

Alex Sill demonstrates some Holdsworth style tones on the Allan Holdsworth signature HH2X headless guitar, by Kiesel Guitars. Intro song: Non-Brewed Condiment - Allan Holdsworth. Guitar performed by Alex Sill, Drums performed by Virgil Donati, Bass performed by Jimmy Johnson. This HH2X is specced out very similar to how Allan specced out his personal guitars (with the addition of a neck pickup). For more info go to:

A clip from Alex's solo on the Terence Blanchard arrangement of "Footprints." Performed with the Simon Phillips band at the Ojai Deer Lodge on October 4th, 2018. Simon Phillips (drums), Otmaro Ruiz (keyboards), Benjamin J. Shepherd (bass), Jacob Scesney (saxophone), Alex Sill (guitar).
Non-Brewed Condiment by Allan Holdsworth. Recorded at the Allan Holdsworth Tribute Concerts in October 2017 at the Baked Potato Jazz Club in Los Angeles. Featuring: Alex Sill (guitar), Virgil Donati (drums), Steve Hunt (keys), and Jimmy Johnson (bass). Recorded by Greg Beaton.
"The Sixteen Men of Tain" live at the Allan Holdsworth Memorial Concert (Alva's Showroom April 14th, 2018) Steve Hunt - Keyboards Joel Taylor - Drums Alex Sill - Guitar Benjamin Shepherd - Bass Gordon Davis - Live sound mix Garrett McCall - Camera 1 Greg Beaton - Camera 2, editing & sound mastering George Bakan - Camera 3 ** Not for distribution.
Recorded live at The Black Rabbit Rose, Hollywood- 6/22/17. Alex Sill (guitar), Tyler Hammond (drums), Danny Connell (bass), Jacob Scesney (sax)
An original composition by Alex Sill entitled "21st Century Alchemy." Featuring Alex Sill (guitar), Otmaro Ruiz (piano), Gene Coye (drums), Benjamin J. Shepherd (bass), and Danny Janklow (sax). Filmed live at the blue whale, Los Angeles CA on 8/17/16. Videography and mix by Alex Chaloff.

This is my transcription of the piano solo from "Street Dreams Part 2," by my favorite pianist and one of all time favorite musicians Lyle Mays. Street Dreams 2 by Lyle Mays Transcribed by Alex Sill

An original ballad by Alex Sill peformed live at the blue whale Jazz club in Los Angeles on 8/17/16. Alex Sill (guitar), Danny Janklow (sax), Benjamin Shepherd (bass), Gene Coye (drums), Otmaro Ruiz (piano). Learn more about Alex's  upcoming album "Experiences: Real and Imaginary" in the News section.

Three different guitar players come together for a cross continental collaboration on their debut album "Montana Suite," available now worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and other major retailers.

The Trifield Quintet play Atnonio Carlos Jobim's "Stone Flower" with special guests Lee Ritenour, and Paulinho Da Costa. Live at Herb Alpert's Vibrato Jazz Grill 8/16/15.