Alex Sill

Guitarist & Composer

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Experiments in Truth

Although music has long been my main endeavor, the pursuit of other interests has informed my artistic process. Whatever interests one may choose to pursue I believe that ultimately they are all concerned with uncovering personal and  collective truths. Finding truth is inherently contradictory being that the discovery of the truths are different for everyone and therefore subjective, but the term truth itself denotes an objective reality. All in all, truth implies the journey towards wholeness- a break away from what is no longer necessary, is inessential, or false. Carl Jung may have related this to "Individuation." Truth may also simply be defined as what one feels connects them with their innermost self and the world.


Satragyaha-This translates roughly as  "truth force," propagated by Ghandi, and more specifically came to be defined as non-violent political resistance and change through persuasion, rather than top-down coercion of repressive governance


Other than music, I am fascinated by analytical psychology (specifically Jungian psych), history, politics, astronomy, activism and the connections between all of these things. This page is dedicated to discussion of these topics and features writings of my own including, but not limited to published articles. In a world full of uncertainty, hate, violence and darkness, I believe that the open sharing of our own personal discoveries, whether it be in music, art in general, science, or anything else driven by passionate curiosity, can be used as a force of altruism. I hope this page, along with the music I create, can provide some sort of positive enlightenment. We can all make an effort to enlighten and help others.

We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth
— John F. Kennedy


Ever since I was a little kid, powerful music always seemed to elicit the production of poignant images and stories in my head. As I got older I began to question why the phenomena were so closely intertwined. Humans inherit many things both physically and psychologically, and this includes the need to tell stories, as well as relate to our personal experiences in an unconscious, and mythological way. I knew that the manner in which images streamed through my mind could not only be a part of my personal experience; there had to be some unifying mechanism(s) present in others. I believe a big part of the answer lies in what are called archetypes.

One of the founders of analytical psychology, Carl Jung (pictured above), described archetypes as unconscious behavior patterns, or modes of apprehension that we’ve all inherited, which make them selves known through mental images in both waking and dream states. To make a long story short, it is evident that music strongly encourages this archetypal behavior, and that when we listen to powerful music we are tapping into a deep well of charged emotional material. This psychic material relates to our personal experiences, and those of our ancestors. The writings presented in the links below explore the connections between music and archetypes, and expand upon the concept "Experiences: Real and Imaginary."



Deep Politics- all political activity that is usually suppressed/repressed and is not acknowledged in mainstream contexts (e.g. A majority of major media outlets, school textbooks). 

"52 Years On- A Look At Scientific Evidence and Lies In The JFK Assassination"- Updated May 2017 version

President John Kennedy is a personal hero of mine. My interest in science, history and Kennedy himself led me to write a detailed research essay on the science behind his assassination. Based on years of ardent study and research of various scientists, this essay provides a detailed overview of the many deceitful practices of government investigative committees into the assassination over the decades, and what conclusions proper scientific and investigative analyses leave us with.

 "The 2016 Election, Historical Amnesia and Deep Politics"- January 2017

I have written an article which was recently published by Kennedys and King, one of the preeminent sources on the legacies of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. A link to the article is attached below, along with a summary from the editor.

Summary- "Extralegal assassinations, unwarranted domestic surveillance, interventionist wars at the behest of corporate interests, torture or other activities of that stripe – these all have their roots in the Dulles era in which covert, corporate power developed into a well-oiled and unaccountable machine running roughshod. These dark forces have continued to operate regardless of who is elected president; and the refusal to face them has caused the Democratic Party to lose its way, writes Alex Sill."

“There are social and political consequences of failing to acknowledge and deal with forces of violence at work in America and the ways in which they frequently collaborate with police and intelligence agencies that are mandated to protect the American public. The fact that we repress such discordant details of violence probably contributes to our individual mental health. But this suppression leads to a collective politics that is increasingly unreal and ineffective, as major abuses cease altogether to be addressed.” –Peter Dale Scott